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Returning from the Abyss of Oblivion

To regain that which was believed lost forever

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(Post-canon background from the fanfic Chapter of the Bird. This is a roleplaying journal for a character, under the alias Caras, who is the human form of the Raven. In this shape he cannot currently return to his Raven form, but that sure hasn't kept him from retaining many raven-esque powers that he's all too experienced in using. If you'd like to contact the mun, you can either PM this account or tomoyoichijouji.

Oh, and about the journal's ID -- in German, "menschliche rabe" translates to "human raven", which is ostensibly self-explanatory. However, "menschliche" is used as an adjective, and as such, not only does it refer to the physical human form, but also the property of "being human", as it were. This spin on it though seems like it'd be an oxymoron....)

Once upon a time, there was a raven. The raven desired above all else pure, loving hearts to consume, to become more and more powerful, until he might gain eternal life. There was one heart, he realized, purer and stronger than any of the others he had previously encountered -- that of a young, noble prince.

With the raven intent on obtaining the prince's heart, the two fought bitterly. Many villages and towns were destroyed in the crossfire, and no matter what the prince did, the raven was unrelenting and merciless, letting nothing, and no one, come between himself and the one heart he desired the most.

Then, the writer of their story died. Without an author, the story of their raging battle could not move forward. They were left to continue to fight one another without conclusion for all eternity.

Finally, both of them could not take it any longer. Weary and exhausted, they both said, "I'm sick of this". The raven flew up and broke out of the boundaries of their story, with the prince chasing after him.

To stop the raven from threatening the land in which they found themselves outside the story, the prince used a forbidden magic spell in which he sacrificed his own heart, shattering it into many tiny shards, to seal the raven away. Lost with his heart were all his memories and feelings that he held as a prince, and he was left to wander the land alone.

The raven, on the other hand, was still quite alive and aware. However, he was weakened to the point where he could barely move, much less use his fearsome powers. For ages he languished in his prison, pinned down by the shards of the very heart he had sought after. He lay still, yet could never rest, for the pain of his ensealment was indomitable and relentless.

However, the crows still remained his loyal, obedient servants, and outside of his prison acted as his watchful eyes. One day, when the chance presented itself, he bid them to abduct a human girl from the town in which he was imprisoned and raised her as his own daughter, nurturing her from his own blood, telling her that "no one will ever love you, a crow born with a hideous human body, other than I and the prince from the story. For the prince can love anyone--even someone as pathetic as you".

The raven discovered that his daughter was drawn to the very prince that was his eternal enemy. Seizing the opportunity, he bid her to stay with him 'disguised' as a human, reassuring her that they were destined to be together--while at the same time, laughing at the thought that the prince and a daughter he raised could ever fall in love.

Finally, matters began to fall into place when Princess Tutu appeared outside of the story, despite having disappeared inside of it. With each heart shard that she returned to the prince, the more he regained his memories and feelings, the more threatened the raven's daughter felt from his changing self....the closer that the raven came to being released from his seal.

His daughter feared, above all else, of losing the prince she loved to any other. So when she brought him the prince's feeling of love, knowing what could result he bid her to soak it in his raven's blood. The powerful feeling of the prince's love, when tainted by raven's blood, began to transform the pure prince into a raven himself, and what tainted one so mighty a shard, the rest inevitably followed. The prince slowly became what he loathed the most--a raven, a monster whose love could only hurt those he cared the most about.

Even after all but one shard remained, he was too far gone, unable to bring himself back to who he was. The raven's daughter discovered then that she was not the raven's daughter, but merely a human, the girl she had pretended to be all along. Unable to take it any longer, the prince went to the raven willingly, ready to throw away his horridly corrupted heart.

However, the girl raised by the raven proclaimed her undying love for the prince, offering up her own heart in exchange for sparing the prince's. The prince heard these words of pure love and was healed, returning to his old self. As he regained his final heart shard, regaining his full strength, feelings, and memories, he took up his sword to rescue the girl from the inside of the raven itself. Together, they flew towards the raven's heart and shattered it into tiny shards, and the raven was no more. The prince took the girl as his princess, and they returned together to the inside of the story, as the town bound from the spell enclosing the people within its walls was released.

The story had finally ended.

Some moons pass. The town is at peace. The prince and his princess live well inside the story and depart from it to the outside, to visit once more the town in which everything had all began, and the friends that they would never forget.

Beyond any mortal knowledge, from the town's shadows a dark-haired young man appears. The raven had been destroyed, but his fragments haunt the town even still.

Can memories and shards of the past bring the past back to life?