Returning from the Abyss of Oblivion

To regain that which was believed lost forever

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OOC: Tropes List
Because several other RPers were doing it with their characters, I decided I wanted to see what could come up if I searched for stuff for Caras. Although, some of these may apply more in the fic from which he came.

Magnificent Bastard -- Not sure how to explain this one except that he's savvy, manipulative, charismatic, and just about unflappably self-confident. He seems almost uncrackable, but below you'll spot things that belie his dark composure...

Secret Identity -- The name "Caras" is only an alias that he's called by any of the other characters who don't know his real identity as the Raven. In the point of the story he's from, that's just about everybody including the protagonists, but in the dressing room (henceforth abbreviated as DR) a few of the Raven's blood people figured out almost instantly who he was. His identity's more of a secret in the fic, where there aren't any active Raven's blood people to sense him clearly as such.

Living With The Villain -- Undercover (albeit not by choice) in human form, Caras in the fic attends the same arts academy that many of the main characters begin going to again, and even coming across them face-to-face quite frequently. They are quickly suspicious of him, but as of what's published they haven't figured out who he is just yet...

Red Eyes Take Warning -- In Raven form one could make out nothing of his facial features save giant slanted red slits and a purple beak-shaped opening. In human form he takes on an appearance strikingly similar to Rue/Kraehe so as to practically look related, and this extends to his eye color -- a deep, brilliant shade of crimson. I suppose you could say it runs in the family, as it is the telltale mark of anyone with Raven's blood in them.

The Power of Blood -- Raven's blood is the source of both much power and much suffering for anyone who's received it -- and the Raven himself is the being it all originates from.

I Shall Taunt You -- Upon first meeting anyone of interest to him in the DR, he either interrogates them for information or mocks the bejeezes out of them, or both. And now that he's getting a good feel for where he is, he'll likely be doing much more of the latter.

Psychotic Smirk -- If I got a dime every time Caras smirked evilly at someone, I'd obliterate the economy with skyrocketing inflation rates. It's practically his default expression.

Archenemy -- The very title of the book that the Raven comes from makes it blatant: "The Prince and the Raven" is basically a story all about the battle between them, and it is the unfinished story of which that eventually sets off all the events in the series. There's a lot of history between those two, and it goes down to the personal level.

In The Blood -- Not that the Raven has much of what you'd call a family, but he certainly made Kraehe's childhood miserable enough (sending crows threatening to take out her heart if she did something wrong, calling her ugly repeatedly, telling her nobody else loved her, etc. etc.) to send her into Trauma Induced Amnesia and managing to go through several years of her life forgetting she even had a giant Raven for a father. In fact, *anyone* with Raven's blood in them pretty much gets really screwed up in the head. In the DR, with Kraehe and Autor, it looks to be no different. Again, it just seems to run in the family.

Humans Are Bastards -- The Raven didn't call Kraehe's human body "hideous" for nothing -- he has a deep-seated disgust for mankind, period. As such, he doesn't particularly care about the suffering that he might inflict on them to achieve his goals; they're gruesome and pathetic and generally not worth giving a single damn about. Of course, this doesn't stop him from raising one with his blood and calling her his own daughter for years until she found out the truth...and oh yes, this brings me to just how he feels about having gained the form of a human himself.

What Have I Become -- Getting brought back ostensibly inexplicably after having been obliterated didn't come without a price. The form he returns to life in is of what he despises the most -- that of a human. Worse, while he retains much of his ravenly powers, he cannot return to Raven form, and is thus stuck in that human form indefinitely. This acts as both a point of agony for him for what he sees as an ultimate fall from grace, and also as a constant reminder of what he's set out to regain and why.

Fate Worse Than Death -- When Caras first discovered what he had become after his ostensible death at the end of the series, he was so utterly horrified that he basically almost committed passive suicide on the spot. Obviously that didn't happen as he was "rescued" from the cold by another character for reasons currently unknown. After snapping out of that, he wasn't so keen on dying just yet.
Although, this trope also applies to his situation during the series, which also falls under...

And I Must Scream -- The Raven was sealed by the shards of the Prince's heart in an isolated prison via the Sealed Evil In A Can gambit where he is basically immobile and severely weakened, not to mention in constant agony. The only exception to this is that apparently he can send crows into the town to spy on the townspeople, wreck havoc, and even use them to kidnap one and make her his daughter, who is the only one that can come in and out to visit him freely. Because it sure must get lonely trapped in there.

Unwanted Revival -- The protagonists of the show were the ones that destroyed him. They would flip to see that he's still alive, much less trying to restore his full Raven's form. In a way, Caras didn't even want it himself; the only thing keeping him going really is the possibility of regaining his old self. If he can achieve that, even if he has to live in that utterly disgraceful form for the time being...then for him it's worth living on. After a while, he's focused enough on this goal that he's buried most of the self-loathing burden in the back of his mind, and in the DR, seeing people that remind him of the days he was his Raven self and who treat him as such have served to give him some alleviation of that hidden angst.

Heart Trauma -- In a very ironic reversal, the tragedy that happened with the Prince's heart is now the fate that has befallen the Raven's. The prince having used the same sword to pierce the Raven's heart in the "final" battle, the pieces of that heart somehow remained and were scattered about the town, and unlike Siegfried, Caras still yet has a heart and so retains the presence of mind to collect them himself.

So You Want To Live Forever -- In the series, the Raven states that the reason he wants the Prince's heart in the first place, as opposed to just any heart, is so he could gain eternal life from it. Which leads to...

It Must Be Mine -- In this case, the Prince's heart, for the motive stated above. To this end he's screwed up most of the main character's lives in some fashion or another, turns an entire town into his crow slaves, swallows his own (former) daughter as a hostage, all to get the Prince to give his heart up to him. This ultimate desire has not abated one iota, merely pushed to the backburner as he attempts to get his Raven form back first. Obsessive much?

There might be more but I think I've spent enough time slogging through the immense database that is the tropes list for now. XP (There are technically more that apply, but they are exclusively applied to the fic, as they haven't happened to the Caras in the DR yet...)


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